Rob Gaspard

Principal | AIA

+1 602 324 6000

Rob joined the studio in 1997 and plays a major role in managing the company’s operations. Rob, along with Ben and Richard, became a partner in 2007, and together they have overseen the firm’s transition to its new identity as WORKSBUREAU. Rob brings to his role over twenty years of experience in the profession of architecture and a passion for the craft of building and the art of finding creative solutions to complex problems.


Rob was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Louisiana State University in 1993. At graduation, Rob received the AIA Henry Adams Certificate and the Architectural Technology Award for Excellence. Before settling in Phoenix, Rob worked as project manager and lead designer on a number of complex residential and industrial projects throughout the state of Alaska. His experience in design and construction of work in climatic extremes has given him a unique perspective on the technical challenges of working in varied geographical locations.


Rob has also helped guide the firm’s expansion into international markets—handling much of the logistics of our overseas and other remotely-located work. He serves as principal-in-charge for many of the studio’s commercial projects and continues to oversee the firm’s operational and financial management, including contract negotiations, quality assurance, and business planning.


Rob is a registered architect in the States of Arizona and Colorado and is a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Outside the office, Rob enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing recreational activities such as hiking and biking. He regularly volunteers his services within his local community, including coaching his boys in flag football and contributing time to the American Institute of Architects.

Richard Jensen

Principal | AIA LEED AP

+1 602 324 6009

Richard Jensen joined the studio in 2000 and has acted as project manager and principal-in-charge on many of the firm’s most significant civic, residential, and commercial projects. Since becoming a principal in 2007, he has been integral in the firm’s evolution into its current form as WORKSBUREAU. Richard draws on a diverse range of experience and education to bring his unique perspective to the work—a chemist, carpenter, engineer, teacher, author, and architect. Equally influential, growing up behind his father’s manufacturing plant in rural Oregon taught him valuable lessons in materials, processes and economy-of-means, as well as full immersion into an ethos of creativity and ingenuity.


Richard received a Bachelor of Science degree from Willamette University (1979) where he studied Chemistry and Molecular Biology. As project engineer for Interface Engineering, he designed HVAC systems for institutional, commercial, and residential projects. Richard has also worked as a carpenter and design partner in Handmade Architecture, a design/build practice he co-founded in Portland, Oregon.


Richard earned a Master of Architecture degree with a Certificate in American Urbanism from University of Virginia (1995), where he was awarded the AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Merit for highest honors in his graduating class. Richard taught architectural design studio and support courses for five years at Syracuse University and has continued to teach as guest critic at University of Virginia, University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Portland State University, University of Southern California, and Syracuse University.


His work has been exhibited at Syracuse University, University of Virginia, Arizona State University, Portland State University, and North Dakota State University, and published widely. Richard designed and wrote the architectural monograph, Clark and Menefee, published in 2000 by Princeton Architectural Press.


Richard is a registered architect in the States of Arizona, Nevada, and Montana, a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, and a LEED accredited professional. Outside of WORKSBUREAU, Richard enjoys the arts, travel, and nature; including time on skis, bikes, and water.

Ben Nesbeitt

Principal | LEED AP

+1 602 324 6014

Ben Nesbeitt joined the studio in 1995 and has guided much of the firm’s growth and culture, to its present life as WORKSBUREAU. Experienced in working with diverse cultural and design contexts, his focus is on architecture that responds sensitively to social and environmental influences. His knowledge of building systems, design process, and delivery quality is engaged in all phases of the work. As partner-in-charge or acting in support to other project teams, Ben’s deep interest in making, movement, and light is aimed at realizing ideas to their fullest potential.


Ben has managed all phases of mixed use, residential, civic, and university projects in regions across the USA and several international locations. This includes projects realized singularly by the studio, commissions done in collaborative associations, and master plans in consortium with architects and consultants of all disciplines.


With over twenty years of experience in the profession of architecture, education, and construction, Ben received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1993. He was greatly influenced by mentor and friend Henry Plummer. Earning the University Thesis Award and AIA Central Illinois Award for his full-scale constructed experimental studio, Ben also received multiple fellowships and was Finalist for the AIA Henry Adams Medal. His studies included one year in the Paris region and travel studies throughout Europe. This continued a lifelong interest in world cultures which began at an early age, with several childhood years in Java, Indonesia—living with less, where things were made rather than bought.


Committed to education as well as practice, Ben has taught design courses and graduate independent studies at the University of Illinois and at Arizona State University, and has served as guest critic at Yale University and the University of Oregon. In 2012 he was invited professor and lecturer at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV) Workshop, and continues to speak at other universities. Connected to the arts, he presented at Summer Institute for the Visual Arts, University of British Columbia, and has served on the artist selection panel of the Phoenix Arts Commission.


A LEED accredited professional, Ben pursues environmental solutions with longevity and versatility, connected to a love of the outdoors. In life beyond architecture, Ben enjoys raising four amazing kids, volunteering with a children’s group, and testing his limits in climbing and distance mountain running.