WORKSBUREAU is a team of talented professionals who believe that our inclusive process and collective ingenuity that empowers superior outcomes. Directed by 3 Principals with complementary strengths, over 60 years combined experience and more than 15 years practice together; we place high value on our open creative culture. Our studio environment influences the manner of meeting, setting an agenda or critiquing a project. Our clients and consultants enjoy transparent relationships as they work with us to reach inspired results. Projects of all scales, local or global, are met with an approach that is conscious of the unique site, context, and needs of each client.

As long-standing associates and principals in Will Bruder+Partners since 2007, Rob Gaspard, Ben Nesbeitt and Richard Jensen have guided the firm to its present iteration—directing its team, projects, and business through a period of growth and success. Continuing as WORKSBUREAU, they build upon a track record of quality and excellence, with locally, nationally, and internationally acclaimed projects that have received over 50 awards and been featured in over 350 publications. Each of these works is an imprint― a record of our active responsibility and care for that commission.

Through our work, and by giving back with outreach and activism, we aspire to extend our reach in the built environment. Committed to education, we promote ongoing learning events within the studio and the professional development of our team. Our team members have served as professors and critics at universities across the country and the globe. It is important not only that our works speak, but that we contribute to a better trajectory for our profession—and our world.